Mortuary refrigerator

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Mortuary refrigerator

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Great insight into a mortuary. I always find the ones on tv shows like C. I always dark. Recently started in the business and I am shadowing the embalmer today yikes :. Yeah, TV show it as either dark and depressing or a perfect top lab. Really, it's more like a decent bathroom or loading dock. Hopefully the pictures give a better impression, although my camera hates fluorescent lighting so they're blurry. Anyway, I really enjoyed helping the embalmer.

It's fun and so interesting! Some of the best work in a funeral place is in the mortuary. Can I ask what makes you ask this question? A bit more info might help me answer better To answer; I think it's different for each person. Some don't like it, others do. And people like or dislike it for different reasons. So my answer might not be applicable to others.

mortuary refrigerator

Also, I have fairly limited hands on experience with embalming. I did a fair amount of mortuary work, but embalming is different. But I personally find it fascinating, how the body works and interacts. Then again, I find most things to do with people interesting. Others I have spoken with say how they like the idea of embalming as a way to 'help' people.

Everyone would have slightly or wildly different reasons for enjoying embalming. To be honest you have to like it to do it. The skills needed are quite high, it's a 3 year course with a lot to learn.Roller tracks: Per body one roller track with 5 rolls with maintenance-free ball bearings for an easy move of the tray in and out.

At the rear side the roller is produced with an additional stop-roll which prevents shocks against the back wall. The rolls are made of corrosion resistant material, coated with plastic material and have maintenance-free ball bearings; the rails are completely made of stainless steel.

Body trays: Each mortuary refrigerator equipped with body trays, made of stainless steel quality 1. Cooling system: Can be mounted on the top panel, alongside the refrigerator or remotely Split unitthe compressor is hermetically sealed, air-ventilated, vibration-free.

Automatic time controlled defrosting, safety thermostat, microprocessor controller. The cooling system includes auto switchover.

The calculation of cooling capacity for each unit is designed to perform at a maximum ambient temperature. The double cooling system is usually designed with the following features: Provide complete back up protection for the cooling system of the mortuary refrigerator or freezer. This cooling system designed to contain two complete refrigeration units with duplicate condensing units and evaporators fan coil.

Each of these systems is enough to cool the cooling chamber independently. So if one fails for any reason the other takes over automatically to maintain the required internal temperature The system has a timer that alternates the two refrigerator system, running over for a pre-set period of time, enhancing the life of the system. Condensation water drainage: Drainage piping from evaporator to the floor drain through bottom panel or side panel is possible, interior evaporation of condensation water is also possible.

Alarm system: Visual and acoustic signaling at temperature instability, voltage V or batteries, can be connected to remote alarm control through potential-free terminal. In case of double cooling system, each unit includes central alarm system, microprocessor-controlled, with optical and acoustical signals. The front side of the refrigerator is supplied with control panel which contains digital indication displays with 0. The control system includes high-low pressure cut out, oil pressure cut out units, operation timers, defrost timers, and all other major elements.

The supply includes power plugs and 3 m long power connecting cords, for connection to local power sockets. The door can be opened with approx.

Inside The Hospital Mortuary [360 VR Video]

Internal lighting: Internal lighting, water proof, to be switched on at the temperature controller. Roller tracks: Per body one roller track with 5 rolls with maintenance-free ball bearings for an easy move of the tray in and out, at the rear side with an additional stop-roll which prevents shocks against the back wall. The rolls are made of corrosion resistant material, with special coating material and have maintenance-free ball bearings, the rails are completely made of stainless steel.

The compressors are semi hermetic, air cooled type. Ambient temperature: the cooling systems are suitable for ambient temperatures up to max. Assembly: sandwich panels with groove and tongue assembled together with foamed-in eccentric hooks, guarantee a high stability and tightness. Software Display: 1 Linux embedded operating system based. Using color code to indicate immediately if the cell is Free of corpus or occupied. With Temp digital indication. Alarm system: 1 Visual and Audio alarms in the display with detailed fault description and the possibility to click an icon to show a movie describing the maintenance required 2 Remote relay alarm system.

There will be no manual keys and locks. All door opening management can be done through the touch panel display control system Della9 with RFID, through which you can put your access code password and select the door to be opened. The system will require a second security level, RFID badge to enables the operator getting the door opened. The door will be released from its locking status automatically; after loading the mortuary with the body tray, the operator needs to close the door.Model: MR We are your business partner that you can rely on.

In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves. Our dedication towards work and vast business knowledge has placed us on the top over the graph. The insulating layer is made of imported polyurethane foam materials with high thermal retardation against cold loss. The number of the independent imported low temperature refrigeration system compressor is same as the number of the corpse in one refrigerator.

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Quality Medical equipment helps and improves healthcare technologies. The common thread through all applications of medical technology is the beneficial impact on health and quality of hospitals. We realize that so we supply high quality and latest technology medical equipment and also cold storage refrigeration units.

Quality medical technology is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in healthcare systems. New medical technology affects the costs of health care system and it reduces the total health expenditures.

Our specialization and extensive experience in supplying and exporting these products has propelled us to cater these products on very competitive prices.


As a result, it will be very easy to track and fix technical problems, if any. Our morgue units are fully integrated and installed as a complete units, thus there is no need for installation. We can also do both temperature range programmed in our temperature control system. It must be clearly understood that we'll not allow quality to take second place behind cost. When you buy from usyou buy from a mortuary refrigerator manufacturers and main mortuary freezer supplies in china.

What is Mortuary Refrigerator? Mortuary refrigerators create that environment for the deceased bodies. Almost all the modern health care facilities have a cold room with mortuary freezer in them. With the increasing use of these fridges they have come up with many features. However, the rate of decomposition is slow when compared to the normal rate at the room temperature.Mortuary cabinets are low temperature refrigerated cabinets that are used to keep dead bodies for short or long time.

These units are widely used at hospitals, railways, airports, disaster camps and army etc.

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These cabinets are also called by other names such as morgue freezer, deal body storage refrigerator and mortuary fridge. Our standard mortuary cabinets are available in one, two, three, four, six and eight bodies; we also made customized units for larger sizes. These cabinets or chambers are energy efficient and also provide excellent cooling performance anywhere they are used.

Each chamber has trolley which is made of stainless steel and runs on rollers. Doors are solid and fixed on study SS hinges.

Standard models come with external cabinets made of powder coated GI sheet but it can be made of SS if needed as an option.

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The gap between two walls is filled with 2. These cabinets require volts 50Hz power supply to run. If you want to know mortuary cabinet price, please email us your query or just make a call to us. Full Name. Email ID. Company Name. Phone No.

mortuary refrigerator

Your Message. Need Customization? Let us design mortuary cabinet as per number of bodies. Submit Your Request. Call Us Email us We're here to help.

3 Cadavers / 1 Door Mortuary refrigerator – freezer

Email Us We're here to help. Delhi Privacy Contact Resources Service. Made of stainless steel Run on rollers fitted with ball bearings Doors. Solid insulated doors Fixed on SS hinges Spring door latch.Cadaver Lift Specifications: quality stainless steel structure and platform Battery operated Mortuary Refrigerator, Two Body Specifications: Two seperate motors operated with seperate digital controls to provide the possibility of Mortuary Refrigerator, One Body Specifications: Quick cooling capacity Alarm system that goes on as it senses movement on the body Air Conditioned Coffin Specifications: Outside and indise walls are made of quality Stainless steel with wooden design cover Projesan Mortuary Equipment Projesan mortuary equipment is produced to answer the exact needs of our customers and deliver tailored solutions to fit the requirements and exceed the expectations.

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We focus on mortuary refrigerators and equipment that deliver affordable, quality, faster, more efficient service to the hospital. Projesan Brand morgue refrigerator and morgue equipment such as mortuary fridges, mortuary trolleys, mortuary lift, mortuary lifter, mortuary tables, autopsy tables, and mortuary supplies aim at providing customers with best quality, cost effective solutions.

Mortuary Equipment.Having any question, call our Office Phone : The freezers are a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department to store the corpse.

Mortuary Refrigerator: The corpses cold storage and the freezing corpsed cold box are a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department. Mortuary Products Mortuary Refrigerator. Mortuary Products. Anatomy products. Pathology Equipments. Pathology Consumables. Laboratory Refrigerators. Plastination Specimens. Emergency products. Hot sale laboratory funeral equipments morgue equipments corpse dissection table Stainless Steel dissection table mortuary autopsy table.

Medical instrument stainless steel autopsy tools cadaver bed mortuary refrigerator Medical instrument stainless steel autopsy tools cadaver bed mortuary refrigerator. Danfoss compressor freezing microtome tissue cryostat microtome Danfoss compressor freezing microtome tissue cryostat microtome.

Mortuary Refrigerator.

mortuary refrigerator

Morgue rooms. Celebration--Roundfin brand microtome blade has passed CE certificate March 26, All rights reserved.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Service Equipment Funeral Supplies. Machinery Cold Room. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. BusinessType China mortuary refrigerator. Contact Supplier. Funeral supplies 3 bodies mortuary freezer embalming equipment mortuary body refrigerators.

Big sale stainless steel 2 bodies 6 corpses mortuary refrigerator morgue freezer with good price. SY-STG02 hospital mortuary freezer 2 corpses morgue refrigerator for dead body.

Power W : 6. Rsfrigerant: Ra 7. Size can be customized Three Bodies Mortuary Freezer 1. Size can be customized Click here to get price!!! Four Bodies Mortuary Coolers 1. Size can be customized Six Bodies Morgue Refrigerator 1.

Why choose us 9 How to contact us 9 Click to contact us now!!! Mortuary Refrigerator and Freezer, corpse body storage. China stainless steel mortuary sixes body morgue equipment.

Features: 1. Forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-control fan. The refrigeration system of each chamber can be controlled individually. Stainless steel Mortuary freezer and trolley. LT-SL03 price mortuary body freezer refrigerators. Corpse refrigerator mortuary body cooler morgue equipments mortuary freezer. Three Body Mortuary Chamber. Four Body Mortuary Chamber. Nine Body Mortuary Chamber. Control System: The Mortuary Refrigerator thermostat, digital display, high precision temperature control with over-temperature and sound and light alarm.

Using a stand-alone single control, single cycle refrigeration system, a layer of an independent cooling system. Cavity drawer: made of stainless steel, imported high-quality slide profiles, more effort when carrying.

IN-U Hospital Stainless steel casket coffin autopsy dissection dissceting table equipment cabinet Mortuary Refrigerator. We have exported products to more than 50 countries and built long term partnerships with clients.

We do hope we can offer you more help in medical field and build the long term business relationship with you. How to buy your products 9Do you have distributor in our country9 You can buy the products from our company directly.


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